WhatsApp is determined not to take the back seat as its stepping up its game by integrating AI into its messaging platform to make the user experience even better. Just a few weeks ago, they were testing out AI-generated stickers, and now they’ve introduced an AI chatbot feature, which is currently under beta testing. They made this exciting AI announcement at Meta Connect 2023.


WhatsApp’s AI Chatbot Feature

In the latest WhatsApp update (version available through the Google Play Beta Program, there’s a cool new shortcut in the Chats tab. You can find it as a button above the new chat icon. This shortcut makes it super easy to jump into AI-powered chats without having to go through your contact list.

WhatsApp AI Chatbot Feature

This change is all about making things smoother and more convenient for users, saving them time and effort when they want to engage in AI-assisted conversations within the app. Right now, this feature is available to a select group of beta testers, but it’s expected to roll out to a wider audience soon.

On top of this, WhatsApp is also working on other exciting beta features, like a secret code to access locked chats and a separate profile option to help users distinguish between their work and personal communications. These updates are bound to make WhatsApp even more versatile and user-friendly in the near future.

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