Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the talk of the town and tech companies are taking its full advantage. One of such companies is Microsoft. The American giant is thinking of integrating AI into Microsoft Paint, according to a report from Windows Central.

Windows 11 and Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint is a program in Windows that lets you draw and make pictures. This implies that the program can utilize AI for various tasks, such as automatically generating a blank picture upon typing. The company might add this feature in the new Windows 11 update.

People who know about this suggests that the AI paint will work like Bing’s Image Creator. This is a tool that creates a picture from words that the user types. You can see an example of how this might work in a picture that Windows Central shared. It’s like a practice picture they made inside the company.

How Does Microsoft Paint AI Work?

How Microsoft Paint AI Works

In the picture, there’s a button called “Magic Paint.” Next to it, there’s a side part where you can write what you want an image to be like. When you do this, the program will take care of the rest by creating the image for you.

After that, you can change the image a bit if you want. However, we don’t know all the exact details yet. It’s still too early to say exactly how everything will work.

Not just Paint, but also the Photos, Camera, and Snipping Tool might get AI features, according to Windows Central. In Photos, you might be able to find out what’s in a picture using AI and then move it to another place in the picture. For example, you could find a person or a thing and then put it somewhere else.

Details Of AI Imaging Editing Tools In Windows 11

For the Snipping Tool and the Camera app, Microsoft might put something called optical character recognition (OCR) into them, as said by Windows Central.

Details Of AI Imaging Editing Tools In Windows 11

This could help the apps read words in pictures or screenshots. This would make it much simpler to copy and paste info from these files.

We’re not sure if Microsoft will really put out these things yet. But it wouldn’t be a big surprise, because Microsoft has already made a lot of AI tools in the last year.


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