Developers behind WhatsApp have never relent in rolling out new features to the messaging platform. However, the popular instant messenger still lacks some necessary features, found in some standalone video calling platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and even Microsoft Teams.

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In this light, the Meta-owned messaging platform has taken a step in the direction to become a prominent example for video calling with the screen-sharing feature and is now expected to introduce a rather important feature. Have a look at the details below.

WhatsApp Tests New Feature for Calls

It is suggested that WhatsApp’s latest beta for Android update includes the ability to schedule group calls, something that has been available on popular video calling apps and can safely be considered a handy feature.

With this, you will be able to schedule group calls (be it audio or video) by tapping the calling icon on the group. There will be a need for adding the subject of the call, the type of call, and of course, the date and time. An event will be created post this and those who will be joining will get a reminder 15 minutes prior to the call too.

WhatsApp users will soon be able to schedule group calls

This new ability can help people plan and manage conversations, which will especially prove helpful during work calls. And why limit it to professional relationships? This can streamline things when you need to plan a party or any family event too. Instead of requiring confirmation on everyone’s availability, call scheduling on WhatsApp can make things pretty easy. Although, it still remains unknown if this option will be available for individual calls too.

This, along with the newly introduced screen sharing feature, the ability to take video calls in the Landscape mode, and being able to add more people to a single group call, can help WhatsApp set its clear image as a video calling platform too, apart from being one of the popular messaging apps available.

One thing to note is that since WhatsApp’s call scheduling is currently in beta, there’s no word on when it will become available for stable users. That said, the platform is known for frequently releasing new features and hence, this too, could arrive soon. We will ensure that you are kept updated, so, stay tuned. Also, will you like the new call-scheduling feature on WhatsApp? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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