Elon Musk’s relentless effort to improve Twitter are rather driving users away instead of bringing more. The platform, led by the eccentric billionaire, is often in the news for its “innovations,” which is also often meet with backlash. The latest example was the tweet view limit. This feature, which did not go down well with many people, eventually settled, but it led to a loss of trust and a search for alternatives. However, Musk is not done yet. He is determined to drive away even the remaining users, and he has now changed the Twitter logo. Here are the details…

Twitter New Logo

Will Elon Musk’s Move Kill Twitter?

Elon Musk is undoubtedly one of the most successful business people in history. Currently the richest person in the world, Musk owes his wealth to innovative ideas that were ahead of their time, such as SpaceX and Tesla. However, this does not mean that every idea he has is good.

Even so, if you are managing a billion-dollar social media platform and you are not accountable to anyone, there is nothing to prevent these ideas from being implemented, even if they are very bad. In this regard, Musk recently announced his decision to rebrand Twitter as X and get rid of the famous bird logo. Now, this announcement has become a reality.

Tellforceblog and Twitter New Logo

As you can see, the iconic Twitter bird in the top left corner has been replaced with an “X” shaped logo. While there has not been a change in the mobile app yet, we will soon see the X instead of the bird logo there as well.

Unfortunately, as expected, the new logo is yet to appeal to users. Many people saw it as a deletion of Twitter culture rather than a rebranding. It is a matter of wonder whether Musk will give up on the decision to change the Twitter logo after the reactions.

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