TikTok text posts have been introduced by the Chinese social media platform, popular among many young people in all parts of the world.

It appears many new social media platforms wants to take advantage of the recent situation on Twitter, mostly sparked by Elon Musk’s recent activities. It also encouraged the existing ones to do something on their behalf. Many of these platform are now introducing new features to their platforms. The feature is a form of text “microblogging” posts, just like that on Twitter.

Recently, Instagram launched Threads, which is in many ways considered a Twitter clone, now TikTok also saw an opportunity to acquire new users. The largest social network in the world has just added text posts to its primary platform, and launched this feature, the company announced.

How Does TikTok Text Posts Looks Like?

The text posts feature in TikTok allows you to add a background image, format and edit text, add background sound, and even stickers. Each post can consist of up to 1000 characters. Other users can comment, or react to the post, as is the case with other content, i.e. videos and images.

TikTok introduces Text Posts

Now we have a flood of new platforms that want to be the new Twitter. Along with Threads, there are also Bluesky, Mastodon, and many others. TikTok text posts will now add some fuel to the fire, but we can’t tell to what extent the adoption will be.

It should be noted that Threads, has recently lost its momentum after it reached 100 million users in a week. With the initial rush of Twitter refugees, the number of new registrations declined. One possible reason could be the lack of a chronological post timeline, as posts are algorithmically curated. All you can have is the algorithmic view. it’s still unclear if the TikTok text posts offer such a feature.

Truth be told, Thread’s CEO Rousseau Kazi, commented last week that a chronological view is coming. We still need to see how it will be usable in real life, though.

Will the TikTok text posts be adopted by users and eventually show up as a competition to Twitter and Threads, remains to be seen.

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