WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that will allow users to choose usernames in addition to their phone numbers, according to reports.


This is a major change for the messaging app, which has relied solely on phone numbers as user identities in the past. While other messaging apps like Telegram have had usernames for a while, WhatsApp has not, until now.

Security And Privacy: WhatsApp To Introduce Usernames

According to WaBetaInfo, The latest beta version of WhatsApp has revealed some clues about the new feature.

WhatsApp To Introduce Usernames

A section for usernames has been discovered in the application code, which suggests that WhatsApp is working on implementing this feature soon. Choosing a username will be easy and can be done from the settings section of the app. Where users can also change their profile picture.

This new feature is important for security and privacy reasons. With the current system, users have to share their phone numbers to communicate with others on WhatsApp, which can raise security concerns.

Additionally, anyone in a group can see your phone number, which can also compromise your privacy. With usernames, users will be able to share a unique ID instead of their phone numbers.

It is not yet clear if there will be limitations on choosing usernames, such as not being able to use special characters or numbers. However, it is important to note that usernames will likely be unique to each account. So users should act quickly to choose their preferred username before someone else takes it.

In conclusion, the introduction of usernames in WhatsApp is a significant development for the messaging app. This new feature will provide users with an additional layer of security and privacy. While also making it easier to communicate without having to share personal phone numbers.

With the easy-to-use feature, users will be able to choose their preferred username from the settings section, just like changing their profile picture.

The new feature is expected to roll out soon. And it will be interesting to see if there are any limitations on selecting usernames.

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