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YouTube Premium gets new features

YouTube Premium is a subscription-based service offered by Google-owned popular video-sharing platform, YouTube. With a monthly fee, subscribers gain access to exclusive content, ad-free streaming, and background playback. In addition, YouTube Premium subscribers can download videos for offline viewing and access to YouTube Music, a streaming service with a vast library of songs and albums.


The subscription also includes access to original content created by YouTube, such as documentaries and series, which are not available to non-subscribers. It is a great option for users who want to enjoy ad-free viewing and access to exclusive content.

According to latest reports, a whole host of new features might be making their way to the YouTube Premium experience soon enough.

YouTube Premium gets new features

The service is introducing new features to enhance user experience. In addition to ad-free YouTube and Music, subscribers can now download content to watch later, play videos in the background while using other apps, and access high-quality videos.

Moreover, the service has added a SharePlay feature that enables FaceTime users to watch videos simultaneously, and a Queue feature to save videos to watch later.

YouTube Premium gets new features continue where you left

Also, YouTube Premium subscribers using iOS devices will now have access to the “1080p Premium” feature, which delivers 1080p HD video to subscribers with an enhanced bitrate. Google plans to bring this feature to Android users soon.

Additionally, YouTube Premium has a “Continue watching” feature, where users can pick up where they left off on a video, and Smart Downloads, which automatically downloads recommended videos for offline viewing.

Subscriptions start at $11.99 per month, with a one-month free trial, and offer the ability to add up to five family members or subscribe as a student for $6.99 monthly. With these new additions, YouTube Premium is proving to be a must-have service for video and music lovers alike.

All these new features might make the subscription more appealing to users looking for bonus perks.




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