WhatsApp‘s latest beta version for Android has a dual panel interface for tablets. What usually happens in these cases is – such new features get tested in the beta channel for a while (it can be weeks or even months) and then eventually gets to every user.


Obviously, we’re hoping the same logic will apply here, as the dual panel UI makes a lot more sense on tablets than simply an enlarged version of the phone UI.

The first WhatsApp version compatible with Android tablets came out for beta testers last year, although it didn’t have the split view. You can see the new UI, which seems to be rolling out now for those in the beta, in the fresh screenshot below.

WhatsApp for Android gets a dual panel view for tablets

Unsurprisingly, the chat list is always visible on the left so you can quickly jump between conversations without the need to go back first. The split view is also available for the Calls and Status tabs.

Hopefully this will make it out of beta testing soon.



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