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WhatsApp Adds a Slew of New Features for Android Users

WhatsApp has just released four new features that will make your life a lot easier. These features are meant to improve user experience and improve your productivity on the messaging platform. The four new features include document caption, longer group description and subjects, up to 100 media files share and personalize avatars.

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These are all new additional features that WhatsApp has added to the messaging platform. Which means, you can start enjoying them right away but first, let me take you through these features and explain how each of them works.

Last week, WhatsApp brought a couple of features to enhance the WhatsApp status for Android and iOS. Today, WhatsApp has added more features as the company has updated the WhatsApp changelog on the Play Store. In the changelog, WhatsApp highlighted all the new features available in the new update.

Table of Interests

Document Caption

With this new feature you can add a caption to documents that you share on the platform. With this, you have a new way of describing each document so that each user can be able to identify each document sent into the group.

Longer Group Subject

This feature will help group members better describe the subject of the group. WhatsApp has opened up the group description text area so that you can type-in more text when describing your group.

Create Personal Avatar

This feature allows all users to create personal Avatar to represent their expressions in the form of stickers.


The tool allows you to design an image that looks just like you. With this, you can use it as your DP or use it as a sticker in your chats.

Sharing Up To 100 Media Files

Initially, sending multiple messages on WhatsApp was quite hectic. Especially when you tried sending media files that were more than 30. You just couldn’t send more than 30 photos of videos at a time. The Meta owned company has now increased that number to 100. This allows you send a lot more photos or videos on WhatsApp now.

As already mentioned, all these new features are currently available for all global WhatsApp users. You may check from your app if you have all of them. Else, you need to update the app in order to have these features working.




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