In what could be considered as a major step in the monetization of the platform, Twitter will discontinue the offering of free access to its API, starting February 9th.

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The microblogging site has also imposed new developer rules, including a ban on third-party clients. These changes are part of Twitter’s strategy to generate more revenue and secure its future as a profitable business.

Ending access support to the Twitter API, both v2 and v1.1

Twitter will end support for both v1.1 and v2 of its APIs and launch a paid version, however, no information has been provided on pricing. This move may force some app developers to shut down their products or charge for basic usage.

Many developers use the Twitter API to build weather and information bots, and the change could impact research in areas such as hate speech and misinformation.

The company has not clarified if free API usage will continue for researchers. Twitter data is considered one of the world’s most powerful data sets, and the company aims to maintain access for developers. However, the relationship between Twitter and developers has been strained, and this new change may affect the ecosystem.

Twitter emphasized its commitment to enabling fast and comprehensive access to its data, which is considered among the most powerful in the world. The company wants to continue to support developers and their projects. Further details about their plans will be revealed in the coming week.

Twitter Paid API – launching soon

From February 9th onwards, support for free access to the Twitter API, both v2 and v1.1, will no longer be available. In its place, a basic paid tier will be offered to users. To learn more about Twitter API – visit here.

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