The ability to Message oneself on social media is not new as we have already seen such on apps like MessengerInstagram and Slack have had this functionality for quite some time now. In the latest WhatsApp update, users can send messages to themselves within the application.


Since Meta also owns WhatsApp, the ‘message yourself’ feature was bound to make its way to the application sooner or later. A lot of people use this feature to add information that they have to memorize, for instance, a shopping list or a to-do list for the day.

You can also pin your location within the chat for future reference. Since users open their messaging applications multiple times in a day, there is a much higher chance of people revisiting their notes and lists. Additionally, users can easily search through their messages to find any saved messages – or in this case, notes to self.

For users who use WhatsApp on their computers via WhatsApp Web, their messages (or notes) will get synced across all their devices, adding an extra layer of convenience to the instant messaging platform.

WhatsApp Message Yourself

Furthermore, time-sensitive reminders can be added through Disappearing Messages, which allows users to send messages that vanish after a specific amount of time. The time can vary between 24 hours and 90 days, making it ideal for adding reminders that become obsolete after a certain time span. Users won’t have to go through the hassle of deleting their messages/reminders one by one.

Whether you are using the new Message Yourself feature to leave yourself affirming messages or memorize important information, Meta is definitely bringing WhatsApp’s messaging capabilities up to the level of its other platforms.

You can now try out the new WhatsApp feature on your smartphone, or head over to to do so. The feature should be rolling out to all users in the latest update.

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