It has been months since the beta testing for the Android TV 13 was started. Unlike smartphones, getting access to the beta version of Android TV is much more difficult and almost impossible for general users.


It requires specific developer-focused hardware and not everyone can just boot and run the beta version of Android TV. In fact, the second beta version of Android 13 was so restrictive that only selected devices were able to run the operating system.

Returning to the main topic, the Android TV 13 has now officially been released from beta testing. But hold on, the stable rollout is still pending, and it is not yet available to the broader public. The most active OEMs may start rolling out the stable Android TV 13 to their TVs after Google releases the codes to the OEMs in a few weeks. On the other hand, there is currently no official word regarding the operating system’s public release date. But now that it has left beta testing, we genuinely doubt it will take long—if everything goes according to plan, of course!

Additionally, it has been said that Android TV 13 gives the features beneath the UI more priority. This suggests that the UI of the next Android TV may not receive a significant overhaul. In essence, Google is giving developers additional APIs and accessibility tools. The TV-friendly platform will gradually become more accessible as a result of this. We may at least have some optimism that Android TVs will now be easier to use because of this!

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Speaking of changes, the Android TV 13 will now allow users to alter the default refresh rate and screen resolution, as well as add support for additional keyboard layouts, a live audio description function, and improvements to the audio manager API. These changes will be dependent on user preferences. The user experience will be redesigned with Android 13, though. It introduces numerous behind-the-scenes improvements that will open up the TV platform. And that is unquestionably something to expect!


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