A lot must have been going on in the minds of Twitter employees following the acquisition of the company by Elon Musk. However, one thing is sure in their thoughts – they wish it had never happened. According to BusinessInsider, Elon Musk plans to lay off 50% of their employees.

Elon Musk and Twitter 1

According to Bloomberg, people familiar with the matter said that layoffs would begin on Friday (November 4). The decision refers to more than 3,700 positions.

Furthermore, Musk also intends to overturn the company’s current remote work policy. He requires the remaining employees to report from the office, although some may make exceptions.

Kindly note that the total number of Twitter employees at the end of September was 7,500.

Elon Musk said that the main reason for total layoffs is to cut expenses and increase efficiency. Before this, many middle and senior leaders had already left the company. Those top managers still at the company have been asked to provide a list of team members who should leave their positions. They should send the lists over the weekend. Those who leave their positions receive 60 days of severance pay.

The list was developed and ranked based on individuals’ contributions to Twitter code during their tenure at the company. Later, Tesla engineers and Twitter executives review it.

By the way, since Musk took over Twitter, news organizations have seen a surge in racial and hate speech on the site.

Twitter managers have instructed some employees to work 12-hour shifts, seven days a week, without overtime pay or sabbaticals.

Days after Musk took over the company, a Twitter employee shared a photo of what appeared to be his boss sleeping on the office floor. In the photo, Esther Crawford, Twitter’s director of product management, is wearing an eye patch, wrapped in a sleeping bag, and resting on a sleeping pad.


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