itel has introduced two new smartwatches to its lineup called the smartwatch 1GS and Smartwatch 2 in India. These cutting-edge and top-of-the-line services will give customers a full experience and meet the needs of people in semi-urban and rural areas.

itel Smartwatch 2 and 1GS launched

itel smartwatch 1GS and itel smartwatch 2

The smartwatch 1GS has a 250mAh battery, a 1.32 HD circular screen, BT calling, and health monitoring sensors including infrared SpO2 and heart rate.

The smartwatch 2 model, on the other hand, also comes with a Bluetooth calling feature that enables users to take calls over the watch using an inbuilt mic and speakers, as well as an integrated 128MB independent local music player to provide a smooth music experience.

The 1.32-inch IPS round screen on the Smartwatch 1GS has a distinctive aluminum alloy frame and stylish metallic texture. Numerous health features, including a 24-hour heart rate and sleep monitor, an infrared blood oxygen sensor, and other tools, will assist users in managing and reducing stress in their daily lives.

Its enormous battery allows for five hours of Bluetooth calling. It comes in the color black and has extra capabilities, including a phone, a remote camera, built-in games, and a stopwatch. Recently, the itel Smartwatch 1ES was also released in India.

In contrast, the Smartwatch 2 has a built-in local music player with 128MB of capacity that lets users store up to 40 tracks for nonstop music enjoyment. With its smart notification feature, users can also stay on top of regular text messages, emails, social media alerts, alarm clocks, calendars, and menstrual cycle reminders, encouraging a connected lifestyle.

Additionally, it offers dual connection capabilities that let users simultaneously connect to TWS and mobile devices. With support for built-in games like Thunder Battleship, Young Bird, and 2048, it also caters to gamers. The Smartwatch 2 comes in the color black.

itel Smartwatch 2 and 1GS specs

itel smartwatch 1GS and 2 Price and Availability

The itel smartwatch 1GS is priced at Rs. 2,999, while the itel smartwatch 2 costs Rs. 2,499. Both the smartwatches are available to buy from the company’s website and other retailers from today.


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