YouTube has yet again copied another page from TikTok’s notebook following the introduction of a new Live rings feature on its mobile app. The feature brings a prominent ring and the word “Live” to a creator’s profile avatars when they livestream on YouTube. It aims to help users better recognize channels that are live streaming on YouTube while browsing their feeds on smartphones.

YouTube Gets TikTok like Live Rings

YouTube Copied Another TikTok-like Feature

YouTube’s Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan recently took to Twitter to announce the new feature. Mohan emphasized the fact that it will make it “easier for users to find live streams on YouTube” while scrolling through multiple videos on the platform. The tweet also includes a GIF showcasing the feature in action. Here’s a look:

So now, when you scroll your video feed on the YouTube app for Android and iOS, you will see a bright red ring around the profile picture along with a “Live” tag on the avatars of channels that are live streaming. Tapping the channel avatar will take you straight to the creator’s stream.

Now, if you find this feature familiar, it is because many other social platforms show similar indicators for channels that are live streaming. For instance, TikTok adds a pulsing effect to help users discover live streams on its platform, while Instagram shows a colorful ring around those channels that are live streaming.

The Live Rings feature is gradually rolling out to users. It was not available on my iOS device at the time of writing. However, we expect YouTube to roll it out to users soon. So, if the feature is not available on your device, try updating the YouTube app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. And if you see it on YouTube, do let us know how you like it in the comments below!



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