Popular micro blogging platform, Twitter is reportedly working on a function that will allow its users to retract tweets. According to reports by Jane Manchun Wong, the company is working on an “Undo Send” timer for tweets, helping users retract content that may not yet be verified especially when it comes to news items.


Going by this report, this feature will come in handy as it will offer users the chance to cancel a tweet even after sending it, meaning that we may see a reduction in unverified or false news that the platform has tried to fight against in recent times. This timer is believed not to stay for too long, according to reports from Reverse Engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong. This feature is touted just days after the company released Spaces, an audio chat room in the mold of the popular Clubhouse.

In the tweet below, Jane gives us a glimpse into what to expect from this feature if it eventually sees the light of day.

This video also shows that this feature may not work with direct messages, with Twitter also thought to be working on a feature that lets users filter or view graphic images sent to them directly.

If the company passes this feature, it may be a step in the right direction, especially in a world where there is an ever-growing risk of misinformation from social media tools.


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