It’s no longer news that Microsoft is preparing a new version of Windows 10 dubbed Windows 10X. The operating system was supposed to have been launch this year, but the release was delayed in order to make several changes to its original plans.


Windows 10X To Have The @Modern Standby Mode”

Now, Windows 10X will be officially available in the second quarter of next year. A few months before the launch, details about the operating system surfaced. A report says that Windows 10X will receive “Modern Standby mode”.

Almost all Windows PCs nowadays take a while to wake up from sleep mode. Thanks to the Modern Standby mode, the system will resume operation instantly, immediately after opening the laptop lid.

Another addition is the always-on feature, which will allow apps to run in the background even while sleeping. This will be useful for applications such as email, allowing you to receive email messages in the background. Most Windows Store apps will be compatible with this feature.

Several other features and improvements will be available in the upcoming Windows 10X, including a new File Explorer.


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