MTN Ayoba App: Get Free 50MB Daily To Access Covid-19 Updates, Chat and Many More

As part of its efforts to drive awareness and usage for Ayoba messaging app during this prevailing Coronavirus (COVID-19) movement restrictions. We will be educating you on Ayoba messaging app and the features available in it.

With this MTN’s Ayoba free messaging app, you can get free access to;

MTN Ayoba App

  • COVID-19 updates – On ayoba app, go to channels and subscribe to free Global Coronavirus Updates (attached screenshot)
  • Ayoba games
  • Ayoba News

You can also enjoy free access and chats, though all these makes use of has the a free 50MB daily given to you.

Features Of MTN Ayoba App

1. Chat Now: Instantly send and receive text and voice messages with any of your contacts.

2. Secure: End-to-end encryption means that messages in a conversation cannot be read by anyone else

3. Quick Connect: Use your existing address book to quickly and easily connect with your contacts

4. Chat with Everyone: Send and receive text messages to anyone in your contact list irrespective of whether or not they have the app

5. Group Chat: The more the merrier! Set up group chats to easily communicate with friends and family in a single chat

6. Sharing is Caring: Share videos, images, audio, and other files with your contacts

7. Calls: Make calls within the app using your voice connection

8. Let’s Meet: Share your real-time location with your Ayoba contacts

9. Chat in your local language: Ayoba supports you to chat in Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and Pidgin.

How Do I Get Started (Download and Register)?

To get the app installed on your device;

Once you have downloaded and installed the app on your phone,  you would be required to register the following details:

  • Name
  • Choose your country from the drop down (this will auto fill your country code)
  • Enter your phone number
  • Tap verify to request a 4 digit code
  • Enter the 4 digit code received via SMS

Read More the Ayoba Messaging App HERE.


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  1. okore Okafor says

    I really like this app bt my question is that hw can I download it.

    1. Andre Falana says

      You can download the App from Google Play Store

  2. Hajara says


    1. Andre Falana says

      You are much Welcome

  3. faisal adam says

    very very good

  4. Nafiushuaibu says

    I’m happy for it

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