Back in September 2019, On 24th to be precised, Xiaomi relwased the MIUI 11 and on March 23, this year, just after 174 days, the company has announced that the development of the UI has been stopped. This was to make way for the development of MIUI 12.

According to the past rules, MIUI iterations tradition comes between August-September, but the new version is upon us already. In this post, you are going to see some of the most interesting features that will be available in Xiaomi user interface. It was extracted from the first version of MIUI 12 and published by a developer in the Chinese forum of the brand.

Please note that this is not an official publication by the brand, so some of the features may not arrive with the final version, something similar to what happens with the Developer Preview of Android 11. Anyway, there are some that have almost guaranteed arrival and are the ones that we bring you in this post.

New Multitasking Style

With the release of MIUI 11, the multitasking style has been changed. It appears that a larger update to the Multitasking menu will arrive with MIUI 12. It will arrive with much better design and animations.


New Navigation Bar And Gestures

MIUI’s global system animation has slowly lagged behind other brands. Today, the old version animation is unstable, inconsistent and uncomfortable. But fortunately, we have a complete change with the upcoming release of MIUI 12.

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Improved Dark Mode

Today’s stable version of MIUI 11 has a dark mode switch, but has some lacks. MIUI 12 will continue to optimize the dark mode experience. System applications will have better support and MIUI 12 interfaces will offer a perfect dark mode experience.

Improved Dark Mode

New Camera UI

According to the source, the camera UI will be completely modified. With the continuous enhancement of lens modules, there is more and more operation that users can do, so a good camera UI has become imperative.


New Notification System

How to manage more and more push notifications? MUI has already tried. But in the face of more and more pushes, it seems to be weak. MIUI12 will bring a whole new notification management system.




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