Weekly Data Plans For Airtel, MTN, 9mobile and Glo – Great Value For Money

Weekly Data Plans – Year 2019 can also be regarded as a good year for data bundle subscribers. We never believed that the key players (9mobile, MTN, Glo, and Airtel) in the telecom industry could be so generous with their data allocations, especially with weekly data plans.

If you can recall well, the first network to introduce a generous weekly data plan was Airtel. This was soon followed by MTN, and then 9mobile. Finally, Glo has responded with its own special weekly data plan.

The common denominator of these plans is that you need to be ready to bring out N1,500 every week, that is about N6,000 monthly. That is a lot of money for many Nigerians. But if you are a s.all business owner or entrepreneur and. We’d generous volumes of data, these new weekly plans provide some of the best value for money right now.

If you are unable to afford N6,000 a month at once, these plans will not make sense to you. You will have to settle for one of the monthly data plans that go for N1,000, N1,200, or even up to N2,500.

Airtel Weekly Data Plan

Airtel is the pioneer of the generous weekly data plan, introducing their Weekly Binge Data Plan as far back as October 2019. For a subscription of N1,500, Airtel subscribers get 6GB of data for 7-day validity. It was unprecedented when it was introduced, but now, as we have seen, all the other mobile networks have something to match it or better it.

Airtel 6G for N1500

How To subscribe to Airtel Weekly Binge Data plan

To subscribe to Airtel Weekly Binge Data plan, go to onetouch.ng.

Alternatively, you can dial *141# on your phone.

MTN Weekly Data Plan

MTN has also introduced a weekly data plan that offers subscribers 6GB of data for a week (7 days). It is exactly the same allocation that its arch-rival, Airtel, introduced earlier on. MTN tags it Weekly Jolly Data.

It has to be said though: this is the most generous we have seen of MTN at any point in time. Wonders do happen. 6GB for N1,500 from MTN! MTN subscribers must be pinching themselves right now. I can tell you that the data plan works. I have given it a try.

How To Subscribe To MTN Weekly Data Plan

To subscribe, Text “143” to 131. Or dial *131# and follow the prompts.

9mobile Weekly Data Plan

9mobile, the network that was formerly called Etisalat recently also introduced its own weekly plan. Mobile Internet (or data, as our people call it) on 9mobile has been the most expensive and least pocket friendly for since inception. But the green network appears to be looking for a way to bring back its lost subscribers.

For just N1,500, you get 7GB data allocation for a week on 9mobile. But it doesn’t end there: you also get free access to social networking sites and apps for the same validity period of 7 days. This means that your usage of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, for example, will not count against your 7GB data volume. 9mobile calls it 7GB + social.

9mobile weekly data plans
9mobile weekly data plans

9mobile has smartly included a fair usage clause on the free social media access. Good call, I daresay, or else subscribers will abuse it and degrade the network quality.

9mobile is, by a huge margin, the smallest GSM network by subscriber numbers (data subscriptions inclusive). Hopefully, this superb value package will help them add some more subscribers and regain lost ground.

How To Subscribe To 9mobile Weekly Data Plan

To subscribe for 9mobile 7GB + Social , dial *229*2*2#.

Glo Weekly Data Plan

The self-acclaimed grandmaster of data was the last mobile network to introduce a generous weekly data plan, and it’swonderful. On Glo, N1,500 will get you 7GB of data for a validity period of 7 days. After 9mobile’s 7GB + social, Glo’s Special 1500 (that’s what the company call it), is the next best deal of the four networks.

We tried out this plan and Glo did not give any bonus data on it, like it does on its regular data bundles. 7GB is already a steal anyway, so no biggie.

How To Subscribe To Glo Weekly Data Plan

To subscribe, visit hsi.glo.com on your Glo Internet connection, or dial *777#.


In summary, here is what each of the big 4 mobile network offers:

Airtel weekly data plan: 6GB data

MTN weekly data plan: 6GB data

9mobile weekly data plan: 7GB data + free social media

Glo weekly data plan: 7GB data

Each of them comes with a subscription price of just N1,500 and has a validity period of 7 days. We believe these plans are superb value for money.

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