Facebook Rolls Out Dark Mode For Messenger. How To Activate It

Facebook has quietly rolled out a dark mode for its Messenger app, though activating the feature will take a few more steps than simply accessing the settings menu.

Facebook teased the availability of Dark Mode on its Messenger last year October but we are yet to hear from them.

How to Enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

Facebook has implemented an easy and fun process for enabling dark mode. Even if you hadn’t read this article, chances are that you would’ve discovered it yourself. That said, if you don’t want to wait for the discovery to happen, here is how you can enable dark mode in few easy steps.

1. Launch the Facebook Messenger and send the 🌙 (moon) emoji to any of your contacts. In fact, you can even send it to yourself if you want to.

2. Once you send the emoji, Facebook will notify you that you have found a dark mode. Just tap on “Try in Settings” and then enable the “Dark Mode” Toggle.

3. Once you enable it, this is how your Messenger chats will look. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Note: If it doesn’t work automatically, just force close the app and launch again.

I must say, this approach of allowing users to discover dark mode is quite good and will certainly delight users who discover this themselves.

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Enjoy the Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

I love it when companies include these simple nuggets for users to discover. I also love that Facebook Messenger is using a true dark mode and not some shade of blue (looking at you Twitter) or dark gray. Let us know how much you are enjoying the new dark mode by writing in the comments below.

Note: If the feature isn’t available for your country, turn on your VPN to any of the countries above, and enable Dark Mode, then turn it back off.

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