Hackers can hack your Android phone just by sending you PNG image

One very simple way to prevent your smartphone from being hacked is just to avoid clicking on links or downloading APKs you are not sure about.

Sadly, hackers are able to hide their malware even in seemingly innocuous files like a PNG image, taking advantage of a critical vulnerability within the Android framework.

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Google found that its February security update presented a critical vulnerability within the framework that allowed hackers to compromise an Android smartphone by sending a specially crafted PNG file to their victims, which, after opening, allowed them to access the smartphone and run on it arbitrary code in the context of a privileged process.

Fortunately, Google claims that to date they have not yet received any reports about this particular vulnerability, so hackers may not have come across this problem.

Google subsequently corrected the defect in the latest security update for Android, and also refused to provide further details on the vulnerability to prevent hackers from exploiting it on devices that have yet to be updated, so if you have not yet updated your smartphone, this is the right time to do it.


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