3 Important Things To Do To Secure Your Facebook Account from Hacker

Ever thought of how to secure your Facebook account from Hackers but you choose to postpone it or completely ignore it, you should. Over the past two months, there has been stories of how peoples’ Facebook accounts were hacked. I even have a friend in this mess.

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They were logged out of their accounts and their passwords changed. Days later, we discovered that their profile pictures had also been removed, and the account names changed.

We were able to discover these through previous messenger conversations with them which now showed a different name.

Others connect with friends separated by distance. Some just want to meet up with the happenings around. Business-minded people use Facebook to promote their work, putting it out for people to see. Some others use Facebook as a digital archive where they upload photos for posterity.

Whatever your reason for using the platform, I’m sure you want to reduce the chances of your account getting hacked.

3 Important Things To Do To Secure Your Facebook Account

Here are three important tips to secure your Facebook account so it does not get hacked.

1. Choose a strong password

Just because people find it hard to remember their passwords, they tend to choose ones that are very easy to guess. Passwords like date of birth, house address or pet name should never be used.

It is advisable to choose a strong password that is also easy to remember. The greater the diversity in your account password, the harder it will be for it to be hacked. Use a mix of letters, numbers and special characters.

Also, if you haven’t changed your password in a long time, I’d advise you do so now.

2. Second Factor Authentication

This is one tip that is very important. Many fail to activate this because they don’t know about it or they feel their password is enough. Second factor authentication allows one account to send a One Time Password (OTP) or a verification code to a phone number even after the initial password has been typed in. So without the verification code, you will not be able to log into your account.

To activate Two-factor authentication, all you need to do is go your Facebook profile > Settings> Security> Login> Two-Factor Authentication.

3. Control who has access to your account. 

Like Gmail, Facebook can send alerts or notification to your mail whenever another device is used to log in into that account and It has a “Not Me” icon that allows you log out from that device from where you are when you select it.

This can be turned on in Settings > Security and Login > Get alerts about unrecognized logins.

You can also see the devices already logged in to your account. Go to Settings > Security and Login > Authorized logins.

You can decide to log them out from the device you hold.

There you have it! Follow the above steps to secure your Facebook account. Has this been helpful in any way? Have you ever have to deal with your account being hacked?

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