MTN Russia 2018 WORLD cup suprise offer is an offer that allows all MTN customers enjoy one (1) free minute for calls to all networks for every match the Nigerian national team wins or draws during the world cup.

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Who Are Those Elegible For The Offer?

All MTN customers will enjoy this offer.

Do I Need To Opt in/Out?

You don’t need to opt in to enjoy this offer.


How Do I Get The Offer?

You will start enjoying the 1 free minute …30mins after the match if they win or draw the match.

When Will My Free Minute Expire?

The free minute is valid till 12pm of the following day after which your calls will be charged.

Can I Use For More Than A Call?

Yes. You will be able to accumulate your calls up to 60sec but from the 61st seconds your calls will be charged.

Can I Use The Bonus For International Calls?

😎 No, you will NOT be able to use the bonus for international calls.

How Do I Know If My Bonus Have Been Exhausted?

You will receive a start of call notification informing you about the free minute.

This is naija where football Lives😎😎😎😎😎

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