How To Withdraw At The GTBank ATM Without Your Card

Recently, in banking sector, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) introduced cardless withdrawal system to its customers; a mobile money system that enables its customers to access an ATM machine withdrawal slot without an ATM card. Personally for me, this service was a welcomed development as you might not need to go around with your ATM card.

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The service is simple, straight forward and most importantly it gives you the freedom to access your money without your ATM card or visiting a bank. There are 3 ways to set up and use the cardless withdrawal system:

  1. Internet banking
  2. Mobile banking
  3. USSD code

How To Setup GTBank Cardless Withdrawal Using The USSD Code

If you want perform this GTBank Cardless Withdrawal service using the USSD code, simply

  1. Dial *737#
  2. Click the option that states cardless withdrawal (GTB Rescue or Paycode)
  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, and click the OK button
  4. Enter the last 4 digit of your GTBank ATM card

Immediately after this process, you will receive a Ref of 12 digits via SMS, after this message

  1. Proceed to any GTBank ATM and click Enter
  2. Click on GTMMoney
  3. Enter the 12 digits
  4. Enter the account registered phone number
  5. Enter the requested amount
  6. The ATM machine will request for your 4 digits and Ref number
  7. Click on withdraw

And that’s all; you can now get your cash conveniently.

Note: You will be charged N50 from your account for this service. Also note that the code sent to you expires after 24 hours.

How To Setup GTBank Card Less Withdrawal Using The Mobile Banking

For you to activate the mobile banking for cardless withdrawal requires visiting any GTBank close to you and doing the following:

  1. Request for the cardless service, and you will be provided with your USER ID and PASSWORD
  2. Use your mobile phone internet to download the GT online banking app named GT World
  3. After successful installation on your phone, log on to the mobile service with your USER ID and PASSWORD
  4. Navigate through the page for cashless withdrawal option
  5. If you want to withdraw from GTbank ATM, click cash out; (only GTbank ATM option)
  6. Complete the form that pops up and click continue
  7. Enter your 4 digit pin or token code
  8. Click done, and your registration is complete

After going through the above steps, a reference code will be sent to you via SMS immediately. Simply proceed to the ATM and complete the withdrawal.

How To Withdraw At The ATM

Now that you have the reference code at hand, just locate any GTBank ATM close you and:

  1. Press the enter button on the ATM
  2. Select the cardless withdrawal option
  3. Enter your reference code sent to your phone
  4. Enter amount, this amount should be same as initially stated
  5. Press the enter button
  6. Then wait for your transaction to complete and take your cash.

GTBank is a highly innovative banking institution, rolling out the best customer service experience to its customer, and this is the new way of banking at GTBank.

I hope this will help you in terms of need. You can bookmark this page for reference. Also, don’t forget to share it among your friends

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