Drop tests shows that the iPhone X has a high risk of getting shattered, with a breakability score of 90.
iPhone X named the most breakable iPhone ever made. A $999 device got shattered like a $10 toy
Apple’s iPhone X has been named the most breakable of all iPhones ever produced.

The iPhone X and all its predecessors were of recent shaded by Samsung in an ad.
According to tech warranty company, Square Trade Inc ., who performed a number of drop test, results shows that the iPhone X cannot resist getting shattered from a fall of six feet (1.83metres) and you would need to dish out a whopping $279 to replace a broken front screen while it would cost $549 for other repairs.
The iPhone X passed through a Side drop test, Dunk test, Shot test, Side and Back drop test, Face down drop test, Tumble test, repairability tests among others.
SquareTrade Labs applied a range of robots to drop, tumble, bend, and dunk devices to see how it can withstand the everyday life activities of humans.
In a video testing the iPhone X’s resistance, the phone’s screen shattered in a face down drop test from six feet (1.83 metres) instantly made facial recognition to stop functioning.
Aside the possiblility of theft occurence of a very expensive phone, it can be frustrating and very heartbreaking to see your phone shattered like a $10 toy.
It’s actually needless to say that one need to be extra careful in handling his/her iPhone X.

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