Sailfish OS is yet to enjoy popularity and success in the
smartphone market like others such as Android, iOS and others. After an
successful combo with Intex, Fairphone, and TRI, the Finnish company is now
working on another approach to make itself enticing to users.
Jolla launches Sailfish OS for Sony Xperia X

Now, Sony
Mobile has allowed Jolla, the tech company, the owner of Sailfish OS to
optimize the platform for its Xperia X smartphones. Yesterday, Jolla announced
that its new Sailfish X operating system for Sony Xperia X is now available for
Yes, you get me right. Jolla says it will be selling the
Sailfish X to anyone who wishes to install it on his/her Sony Xperia X . The
image that you will be using to flash your smartphone will cost €49.90
(including VAT) and will be available effective October 11.
Though, sales for the product will open on September 27 in
Europe, but Jolla might roll out a the new Sailfish X in North America (Canada
and United States) as well.
Regrettably, not all features will be officially supported
in the first software release, which means you can expect some issues with
Bluetooth, new sensors (barometer, step counter, etc.), fingerprint sensor, and
FM Radio.
An installation tool will be provided at some point to those
who purchase the Sailfish X, but in the beginning, a Linux PC will be necessary
to install the OS on the Sony Xperia X. Keep in mind that the Sailfish X
operating system will only work on unlocked Xperia X (single SIM) devices.


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