Airtel Nigeria has launched SmartConnect 4.0 package also called
OverJara. This is an upgrade to
former Airtel SmartConnect 2.0 which offers 6x bonus to subscribers.
Airtel SmartConnect 4.0 OverJara Reloaded: How It Works

Airtel Nigeria says it is offering 100 per cent value of a
customer’s recharge as extra data in addition to the eight times instant bonus
customers get on every recharge.
This SmartConnect 4.0 (overjara x8) packages enriches Airtel
new customers and to empower telecom consumers to do more, call more and enjoy
more. In fact, enjoy more extra value for your little money.
How To Get The OverJara
and How It Works
According to Airtel NG, when a customer buys a new SIM,
registers and inserts it in a device, he/she begins to enjoy the ‘Ovajara’ 8
times bonus and in addition gets the total value of his recharge as data bonus
by end of the month.
For example, if a customer recharges with NG₦ 200, he/she
gets NG₦ 200 in his main account and receives a bonus of NG₦ 500 for voice
calls, NG₦ 500 for data , with an additional N200 airtime to call family & friends,
and an extra bonus of NGP₦ 200 for social (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and BBM),
which makes a total of
NG₦ 1600 airtime on every NG₦ 200 recharge. Isn’t this
enticing? Well, that’s one of the business strategies to get more subscribers
to the Airtel network.


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