China blocks WhatsApp from sending images and videos

The Facebook owned messaging app, WhatsApp is the last major service by the tech company that still working in the Asian country.

China is a country where virtually all messaging services that don’t abide by the government’s restrictive cybersecurity laws and have been partially or entirely blocked.
Unfortunately, WhatsApp appears to be the last victim of country’s “Great Firewall,” an intricate system of internet filters and controls. According to NYT, China’s disruption on WhatsApp services within the country has prevented many users from being able to send videos and images via the messaging app.
Some even says the even send text-based messages, which suggests the Chinese government is about to completely block Facebook’s digital service.
Last month, China issued a new cyber security law which is even more restrictive than the previous one.
According to a source who pleaded anonymity and has more knowledge about the situation, the blocks against WhatsApp came from the government itself. Security experts also confirmed that the partial disruption in WhatsApp caused by the China’s internet filters.
WhatsApp is the Facebook’s last major service that still working in China, following the complete blocking of Facebook and Instagram, way back in 2009 and 2014 respectively.

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