Telecommunication masts “poses no health risk” – NCC says

Telecommunication masts "poses no health risk" - NCC says

The believe that exposing oneself to electromagnetic field generated from telecommunication building and structures poses danger to human health has been quashed by the regulatory body of the Nigerian industry.

According to the Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, Professor Umar Garba Danbatta, the electromagnetic field produced at telecoms base stations cannot pose any health risks to humans.

Danbatta made the assertion on may 9, at a sitting of the Ad Hoc Committee in Abuja, assigned by the House of Representatives to investigate the health implications of mounting telecoms masts close to building.

He said several researches conducted so far in the aspect are yet to reveal adverse health concern attached the claim.

He responded to a question when asked about the health implications if one is exposed to electromagnetic field; “With regards to other professional bodies like Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) we don’t have any quarrel with their positions.

“The only question is when we say exposure to electromagnetic field is hazardous to health what level are we talking about? We have to define the level of exposure that is hazardous to human beings. Of course if you generate a massive electromagnetic field of unprecedented proportion and put a person inside, there will be medical consequences.

“But what we are saying is that: provided the limit specified is observed and NCC is there to ensure compliance with that limit, there is no health hazard. There is a limit of safety below which electromagnetic fields do not cause any harm to health.”

He also said that Nigeria needs about eighty thousand telecommunication base stations to usher us into smart applications and Internet of Things (IoT ) era.

The regulatory senior official also said Nigeria as a whole still possess less than 50,000 telecoms base stations which is inadequate for the actualization her dream of meeting up with countries already working with 4G and 5G.

Danbatta said: “3G, 4G going to 5G networks are going to usher this country into smart applications, the Internet of Things or the smart world and cities we are talking about”

“And of course because of the additional burden on infrastructure, the present capacity of telecom infrastructure is grossly inadequate to cater for these additional platforms or services we talk about. Therefore we will need from 70,000 to 80,000 base transceiver masts to be able to provide the effective capacity that’s needed to deploy 4G going to 5G.”

He stated that United Kingdom has almost 60,000 masts and is just one third of Nigerian population.

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