Are you thinking of how to invite over 500 Facebook users who are your friends to like your page. There is an easier way to go about that.
All you need to have is a computers with Google Chrome browser installed on it.

Steps to go about it.
You have to use a computer for this one. Download an extension called “Facebook Invite All”, install the extension in your Chrome browser, open Facebook and click on the small icon that pops up at the top right corner of your browser, click on “Invite Friends” and all your friends will be selected.
♡ Download the Chrome extension called ‘Facebook Invite All’
How to invite all your friends once to like a page
♡ Install the Chrome extension. Click on this link to get there.
♡ Then open your Facebook page.
♡ Hit the icon that pops up just at the top right corner of your Chrome browser.
♡ click on “Invite Friends” to beckon on all your pals.
After twinkling of an eye, all your friends would have been invited.


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