At the recent Made by Google event, Google unveiled a new addition to its repertoire – Assistant with Bard. This personal assistant harnesses the power of generative AI to offer you personalized assistance.

Google Assistant with Bard launched

Table of Interests

Integration with Google Services

Assistant with Bard allows you to interact with it in various ways, whether it’s through text, voice, or images. It can even take actions on your behalf.

Google intends to integrate Assistant with Bard with some of its existing services, such as Gmail and Docs. This integration aims to streamline your daily tasks and help you manage essential aspects of your life more efficiently.

Assistant with Bard Google Service

Contextual Assistance on Android

For Android users, Google is working on creating a contextually helpful experience right on your phone. Imagine you’ve just taken a photo of your adorable puppy that you want to share on social media.

You can activate the Assistant with Bard overlay on your photo and request it to craft a social media post for you.

Assistant with Bard Image Service

This innovative conversational overlay understands the context from the image and assists you accordingly. Moreover, your privacy remains a top priority, and you have control over your individual privacy settings.


Assistant with Bard is currently in the early stages of experimentation. Google plans to roll it out to early testers soon to gather feedback.

Over the next few months, it will become available to the public on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

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