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Truecaller launches new brand identity and anti-fraud tool

Truecaller, the popular caller ID and spam-blocking app, has unveiled a new brand identity along with a revamped app icon. This change aims to make Truecaller more recognizable in app stores and reflects the company’s renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm.


New Anti-Fraud Feature in Truecaller

One significant addition to Truecaller’s features is the introduction of an anti-fraud tool called “Search Context.” This tool, powered by the Truecaller AI Identity engine, enhances user security by providing real-time information about phone numbers.

New Anti Fraud Feature in Truecaller

When users search for a number, they will receive notifications if the name associated with that number has recently changed or is frequently changing.

Truecaller categorizes these messages into three colors: blue for neutral changes, yellow for potentially suspicious changes (more than three name changes in seven days), and red for multiple and frequent changes, indicative of fraudulent activity.

Truecaller: New Brand Identity

The new branding will reflect the company’s renewed sense of purpose, energy, and enthusiasm, and it is designed to align with the significant transformation taking place in the digital space, said the company.

Truecaller New Brand Identity

Lindsey LaMont, Marketing Manager at Truecaller, emphasized the importance of these changes in an evolving world where vulnerabilities to misinformation and scams are increasing.

Truecaller’s refreshed identity, highlighted by its signature true blue color, cursive true, and phone icon, aims to provide users with a trustworthy and secure experience in the era of digital communication.

Users can experience the new branding and features by updating their Truecaller app to version 13.34 or newer on Android or version 12.58 or newer on iOS.