Tecno has added a new, exciting version of their famous SPARK 10 Series – the SPARK 10 Pro Magic Magenta Edition. This unique model uses a cool new feature called “Luminous Eco-Leather Technology”. This tech makes the phone change color and it’s made from environmentally friendly material.

Tecno SPARK 10 Pro Magic Magenta Edition

The phone has a standout magenta color, meant to inspire people to express their true, bright self. The SPARK 10C and SPARK 10 also have new colors now. The SPARK 10 comes in magenta while the SPARK 10C is now available in a fresh orange color. This gives people more options to choose a phone that matches their unique style.

Illuminating the Color-Changing Trend with World’s First Luminous Eco-Leather Technology

The SPARK 10 Pro Magic Magenta Edition is the industry’s first smartphone to realize luminous color-changing on eco-leather, illuminating an amazing and surprising new trend that outshines the darkest moments. With this Luminous eco-leather technology, the device absorbs and converts light through a color transformation from vivid magenta to a magical fluorescent glow.

It celebrates TECNO’s latest achievement in color-changing technologies – following others such as CAMON 19 Pro Mondrian Edition’s Sunlight Drawing and the innovative Chameleon Coloring technologies – and highlights the brand’s “Stop at Nothing” spirit of innovation and its commitment to empowering young-at-heart users around the world.

Tecno SPARK 10 Pro Magic Magenta Edition 1

The realization of this technically complex design is the result of TECNO’s incredible craftsmanship, following over 60 rounds of development and more than 1,200 sample revisions. The exceptional color result is accomplished through an advanced three-layer composition——the base layer is screen printed 4 times with red and white ink to create a bold base; the core layer is luminous ink screen printed 3 times and tech coating 4 times to achieve a luminous base, and a decorative layer adds transparent silicone leather to accentuate the effect.

IT can be – Magic Magenta Design Represents the Fearless Spirit of Youth

The SPARK 10 Pro Magic Magenta Edition comes in a bright and lively pink color that grabs attention. This color is a big hit with the younger audience, as it shows off their creativity and uniqueness. The mix of pink and white patterns represents the spirit of young people today. They love to change things up and don’t like to be put in a box. The fresh color of this device gives off a fun and free feeling that motivates users to chase their happiness.

While the eco-leather accentuates the device’s colorful impact, its premium texture also adds to the fantastic experience. This eco-friendly material is smooth to the touch yet durable, with resistance to sweat, scratches, and corrosion. It also provides a wipe-clean surface to guard against oil, paint, and other dirt stains, while being supremely comfortable in the hand.

Tecno SPARK 10 Pro Magic Magenta Edition 2

The launch of the SPARK 10 Pro Magic Magenta Edition follows the successful launch of the SPARK 10 Pro, which achieved outstanding commercial success with the device quickly selling out in many countries. With the exception of the luminous design, the devices share the same key features, including:

  • A 32MP Ultra-Clear Front Camera, a 50MP High-Resolution Photography System, dual soft lights with adjustable brightness, and smart AI modes for effortless selfies and crystal-clear photos and videos.
  • Smooth gaming, video viewing and daily use empowered by MediaTek’s 8-core Helio G88 gaming processor, while 256GB ROM and 16GB RAM (8GB extended RAM) make it a memory specialist in its price range.
  • An exquisite 6.8-inch FHD display with a high refresh rate of 90Hz, ultra-high resolution, and DCI-P3 color gamut for a rich and colorful viewing experience. It also provides a strong power supply with a 5000mAh super battery and 18W fast charge.
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