It’s not even up to a week that Meta launches Threads as a text-based extension of Instagram, 100 million people have already signed up to the platform.

The Meta’s platform is certainly an attempt to draw users from Twitter to its own ecosystem, but it still lacks major features, such as chronological feed, robust search, and, most importantly – you cannot delete their profile without also losing your Instagram posts.

Threads reaches 100 million users

The report comes from Quiver Quantitative, where the data is collected semi-manually. The number of users signing up to see what the fuss is about is rising by the hour, but no algorithm can track how many people leave the platform. Currently, one’s feed is filled with influencers, brands, and celebrities, and people might miss what their friends and family are posting.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, replied “Zuck is a cuck” under a tweet about Mark Zuckerberg’s presence on Threads. The questionable choice of words by the billionaire aside, it makes it clear that Twitter is closely following the development of its competitor.

According to legal documents, the new platform is violating Twitter’s trade secrets and intellectual property, but a Meta representative refuted the claims, stating no person working on the Threads project previously worked for Twitter.

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