iPad Mini 5 Leaks, Rumours and Release Date

The announcement of the last iPad mini is almost ages away that we have even lost forgotten the plan to introduce a new iPad mini. Though, we also had the outstanding popularity of the former iPad mini in our mind, and wished there could be a new model.

On the 23rd of October last year, a prominent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made a statement about there being a new iPad mini with an upgraded panel and a cheap processor in the making.

Interestingly, the iPad mini 4 is still being sold by Apple and the tablet has no Apple Pencil support, it is less powerful and is even $70 more expensive than the main iPad. There has also not been any updates on it since its launch in 2015 and this strengthens the necessity of a complete change.

Thankfully, there are lots of rumours about the launch of a 5th-generation iPad min within the first half of this year.

Renders and Panels

Earlier this month, there was a picture of the supposed iPad Mini 5 uploaded by a Twitter user, definitely we are not really sure about the reality of the images, though the person who uploaded the pictures of China-based renowned leaker known as Mr White.

Although, the uploaded images only unveiled the rear of the gadget, though one image shows the internals which can serve as a hint on what to expect, the design is very similar to the iPad 9.7 of 2018 other than the models of iPad people that were released in October 2018 with Face ID.

From the pictures which show the internals, it is very obvious that the Face ID is missing. We also suggest that the Touch ID is also not there.

A 3.5mm headphone jack is clearly visible in the top right corner, this feature is very plausible because it was not in the 2018 iPad Pros. It also has also packs an antenna line for 4G connections and besides that, it seems to have a home button, lightning port, so there are no big changes coming to the iPad mini 5 if the images are real.

Although, we believe that if an update is made on the iPad mini, then there will most likely be no home button. With this, we could get a view with a bigger screen and even more compact dimensions.

If it is ever launched, the iPad mini 5 will most likely be slimmer than its predecessor(with a dimension of 6.1mm). This is very possible, although the thickness of the 2018 iPad is 7.5mm, so maybe Apple might not name the mini model any slimmer.

The Possibility Of One Coming

As far back as 2017, an Apple source told BGR that iPad mini has been held away from its category.

A particular reason we think apple should launch an update for the iPad mini is because people who really want to buy small tablets will not have their requirements covered by a phone because they might just need a tablet for their child to play games, watch YouTube and in this case, an iPad mini will be more appropriate than the larger model.

iPad mini 5 Release Date

With the whole rumours these days, there is a huge probability that an iPad mini will be unveiled anytime this year, but obviously we have no way of knowing until there are more concrete leaks or when Apple officially launches it. But the iPad Mini 5 release date is likely to be September 2019.


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