Apple Reportedly Working On A Foldable Phone, To Take A Different Form

Samsung is about to introduce its new and exciting foldable Galaxy smartphone in about a month time – February 20, followed by other manufacturers such as Huawei and LG. Of course, we have been waiting for Apple to at least give a sign and it appears to have done that.

Apple is working on a design of its own, except it is taking a totally different approach. Or at least that’s what a Samsung exec believes.

iPhone XS
iPhone XS


While the Galaxy F phone folds inwards, Apple’s vision of a foldable phone involves an outwards folding design. It is said that this is a cheaper and easier way to do things but the overall body will end up bulkier and generally less appealing.

Samsung’s head of Design Innovation Center gave this hint at the possibility of Apple working on an “outie” foldable iPhone. He believes that Samsung will offer the better user experience from a design standpoint.

Compared to the wrap-around display phone — which Apple seems to be looking into as one possible design for its foldable model.

However, don’t hold your breath as the first foldable iPhone may not come before 2020 and by then a lot of things can change.

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