Instagram appears to be taking on YouTube by introducing a new concept to the world of video sharing platforms with its IGTV network.

How Does It Work?

The platform is expected to work just like regular TV but with vertical videos.

How Does IGTV Differs From Instagram?

The difference between IGTV and Instagram is that the IGTV pushes vertical videos only and can last up to an hour. This is probably because it’s going to be meant only for smartphones.

The UI is very streamlined and there’s not much you can do aside from browsing videos. There are only a few categories – For You, Following, Popular and Continue Watching. You can still like, share and comment on videos, just like on YouTube, but it keeps a slightly different concept with the vertical video thing and the hour-long limit.


Where Can I Download IGTV?

The Android app is already available on Google Play and it’s gaining traction while Instagram has already reached 1 billion users, so we can assume it’s going to be a hit very soon.

It’s free and you can start recording videos by yourself right away, simply download it from Google Play and register an account.

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