Instagram Will Soon Allow Users to Post Hour-Long Videos

Currently, as an Instagram user, you are only allowed to publish videos with length up to one minute. However, if the latest report is turns out to be real, that limit is set to change. According to the report, the Facebook-owned company is planning to offer its users the ability to post up to an hour-long video.

The functionality will focus on vertical videos with more height than their width. The report further stated that Instagram has been working with content creators and publishers over long form videos.

While Instagram is yet to officially confirmed this, the report says that these plans are tentative and can change anytime.

This piece of news comes hot on heels of a major Instagram outage – the service’s app was crashing on the Android platform, and their website was also inaccessible in several parts of the world. Thankfully, the issue was quickly resolved by the company.

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