Facebook introduces new feature, “Discover People”

Discover people
Facebook is incorporating a new feature to its Android and iOS apps knows as “Discover People”.
It enables you see who will be attending any local event you may want to go or just to look for people in your locals or city who share the same employer, school, or other things with you.

When you click or tap on an event, you can scroll a list of profiles. With this feature, you will be able guess your crush movement and track him or her down to a location.
Discover people in action
Before you start accusing Facebook of leaking out your personal information;
Firstly, you must have publicly made those information available on your profile and the choice of what to share ultimately depends on you.

Secondly, you can only see who’s attending or interested in specific events by visiting the event’s Facebook page. Same goes for those looking for people by specific criteria.
Facebook aims at providing a more straightforward way of accomplishing things that are possible already.
As stated earlier, this feature is available for only Android and iOS users around the world for now.
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