Google Stadia is gradually becoming more popular among gamers especially mobile gamers, with more and more gamers using the cloud gaming service. However, the set back on the platform has been the lack of major games, but that is about to change due to its new partnership with Electronic Art.

Google Stadia Gets Support From Electronic Arts (EA) Publisher

Google has announced that the Stadia would be getting EA titles, starting with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. EA is one of the most notable names in video games and this partnership comes as a massive step for Google.

Google stadia on Play store

The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order first launched on PS4 and Xbox One last November and is expected to come to Google Stadia in the fall. There are also reports that a number of other games will be coming to the Stadia, with FIFA and Madden NFL expected to hit the platform in winter, implying that we may be seeing the 2021 release of both titles.

These three titles are the only confirmed titles for the Google Stadia, with Google announcing that there would be more EA titles coming to the Stadia this year.

This could be a solid partnership between these two companies, as this move should spur more publishers to emulate EA and partner with cloud gaming services, thereby giving users an opportunity to enjoy a wider variety of mobile games.


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