Tizeti ( may sound unfamiliar to most people, especially resident outside Lagos Nigeria. The Internet Service Provide (ISP) offer excellent coverage services in Lagos with uncapped unlimited plans. provides unlimited uncapped internet to users for as low as N9,500 a month, without limits or hidden charges. You can stream TV shows and movies without worrying about data caps and expensive prices of other network providers. (Tizeti)

With Access to over 2000+ channels, you can also take advantage of the availability of its US IP Address over WiFi service. Nigerians can now browse and stream content previously not available to them. Users will be able to connect any WiFi enabled tablet, Smart TV, IPTV, game console, set top box and phone to obtain a US IP Address.

How To Get Started with

Two ways of using Tizeti is by installing your own home router (the expensive part) and using their hotspot service, which allows you connect to nearby routers for a cheap subscription fee for as low as N200 per day.

However we are focusing on the unlimited aspect here. Like I said, no data cap attached to the unlimited plans and you can connect as many devices as possible.


For the setup and installation of your home router, you’ll pay a onetime fee of N35,500 which takes an hour to set up.

Subscription Plans on

  • Monthly subscription of Unlimited data plans N9,500
  • 6 month subscriptions cost N57,000 or
  • A yearly subscription of N114,000

If you are looking for unlimited uncapped internet in Lagos, then is just the service provider you need for that because their internet is truly unlimited.

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