Samsung Gear IconX (2018) Specifications
One of the accessory announced by Samsung today at the IFA was
the Gear IconX (2018) cord-free earbuds. 
Samsung Gear IconX (2018) Specifications

They are the second generation IconX
and arrived with an improved battery life. They can provide it users with 5hr
of Bluetooth streaming music and 7hr on standalone mode, or 4h of talk time.

Samsung Gear IconX (2018) Specifications

 See below Specs of Samsung
Gear IconX (2018):

  • Each earbud comes with its own 4GB of storage
  • Each comes with an 82mAh battery
  • They weigh 8g each.
  • Each of them also comes with a capacitive surface with
    gesture support (single/double/tripe tap, single/double tap and hold, and swipe
  • The IconX (2018) supports Bixby, as expected
  • They also supports quick charging and users can get a full
    charge of it – full capacity of 340 mAh.
Samsung Gear IconX (2018) Specifications
Samsung said that 10mins of charging through the case will
give users battery enough power to last up to an hour of exercises.
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