Some smartphone brands have custom software that injects ads into the user interface. Those ads are often  very annoying. This post comes with easy tutorial details on how to block ads on your Tecno smartphone.

If you own a Tecno Mobile smartphone, you are likely to have experienced those pesky ads that pop up on your phone. Other smartphone brands that annoy users with these ads include Infinix and Xiaomi. And it is likely that you have wished to know how to stop those ads.

Ads are often intrusive and annoying. Ads on mobile phones are even more so. But these ads are not even the usual that you see when you use your browser. These ads are built into your phone – yes; the one you paid for. Doubly annoying.

In addition to annoying you, the ads on your Tecno phone also consume your data. That means you pay more for internet access. And lastly, those ads running also impact the performance of your device.

Here are two ways to deal with these ads:

How To Block Ads on Tecno Smartphone in HiOS

  1. Press and hold any empty space on your phone’s homescreen. This will bring up the HiOS desktop settings menu.
  2. Scroll down to find Other Settings.
  3. Turn off Application Recommendation.

That is it. The ads should disappear.

How To Disable Background Data for Specific Apps

The second way you can block ads on your Tecno phone, in this case ads that display in specific apps, is to turn off background data for these apps. This second method can be applicable on non-Tecno smartphones as well.

  1.  Go to your phone Settings, scroll down and tap on Apps.
  2.  Select the app you want to turn off background data for.
  3. Select Mobile data and tap on Background data.
  4. Toggle the button beside Allow background data usage.
  5. Repeat the above steps for every other app you want to kill ads on.

That is it. Starving those apps of internet connectivity will prevent ads from running on your Android phone, whether it is a Tecno smartphone, Infinix phone, Xiaomi phone, or any other. This is because ads require an internet connection to run.

Your smartphone will also run more smoothly and consume less data.


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