Unveiled: The Honor Vision smart TV is the first device to run HarmonyOS

Honor’s new TV is comes with tons of impressive hardware specs and does, indeed, works more like a smartphone in many ways. It’s a shift in mentality that really seems beneficial for the smart TV space. At least on paper for now.

Key Selling Point For Honor Vision Smart TV

  • The world’s first device with the Harmony OS
  • Uses three internal chips from Huawei with the ability to coordinate intelligence
  • First system-level video call function
  • Creates a new way of interacting with mobile phones and large screens
  • To achieve full voice operation, it has the set-top box remote control

Honor Vision smart TV Specifications and Features


First off with the basics, the Honor Vision, both vanilla and Pro, sports a 55-inch diagonal, 4K, IPS panel with 400 nits peak brightness, 178° viewing angles, 87% NTSC coverage and TUV Rheinland certification for blue light protection. It is housed within a very thin (as little as 6.9mm) metal frame, making for an impressive 94% screen to body ratio.

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One of the most impressive details of the Honor Vision are the hardware internals. Namely the Honghu 818, octa-core chipset, which does sound like smartphone-level silicon in terms of features. Some of its advanced image processing technologies include Motion Estimate and Motion Compensation (MEMC), High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR), Super-Resolution (SR), Noise Reduction (NR), Dynamic Contrast Improvement (DCI), Auto Color Management (ACM) and Local Dimming (LD).

Also, on board is the HiSilicon Hi1103 chipset, which 2.4GHz, 5Hz dual-band and 160MHz bandwidth support for peek download rates up to 1.7Gbps. A lot more than what you would typically find on a smart TV.

Presence of A Smart Pop-up AI Camera

Another thing you hardly come across on a TV often is an integrated, Smart Pop-up AI Camera. The Honor Vision Pro can boasts of one and it’s primarily meant for convenient video calls. However, in another smartphone-like move, there is a dedicated HiSilicon Hi3516DV300 NPU chipset connected to said camera enabling all sorts of Ai capabilities, including face recognition, body tracking and posture detection.

Operating System – HarmonyOS in Charge

To crown it all, the Honor Vision takes the pride of being the first device to be powered Huawei’s own Harmony OS, which just officially launched yesterday. There’s quite a lot to the OS, but it mostly boils down to flexibility. Huawei is betting big on the future of Harmony OS on all sorts of devices, ranging from smartphones to smart wearables, TVs, tablets, laptops and even cars.

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Connectivity and Smartphone Interaction

Back to the Honor Vision. Out of the box it does come with a few interesting features running on Harmony OS. HiLink – Huawei’s open smart home and IoT ecosystem is baked right into it, meaning the Vision can act like a hub for all your smart home needs.

The Vision TV set is also an entertainment center offering seamless connectivity to your smartphone or tablet. This includes sharing files and multimedia, inputting text and controlling the TV remotely, as well as seamlessly switching between DLNA mode and Miracast display streaming with an advertised latency as low as 100ms. That makes it potentially good enough for some casual gaming. All this easily negotiable via a single NFC tag. Well, at least it’s advertised that way.

Honor Vision Price and Availability

The Honor Vision and Honor Vision Pro are officially up for sale on vmall at the source link starting today for the regular Honor Vision and August 15 for the Pro. The vanilla goes for CNY 3,799, while the Pro will set you back CNY 4,799.

The difference between the two being the smart retractable camera on the Pro, six 10W speakers, instead of four and different internal storage – 16GB and 32GB respectively. Orders come with a 30 day return policy and even free on-site installation.


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