Extreme hair loss brings bald areas on your head, disappearing
hairline and sometimes results to complete hairlessness.

It can be extremely upsetting and can make your feel intimidating
among your colleagues. It can negatively influence one’s self-esteem, look,
youth and vitality.
Chaotic work life, poor standard of living, usage of hair
styling techniques and gels, constant exposure of your scalp to the sun, hair colours,
lack of diet, hormonal imbalance and inadequate care and attention towards the
hair are definitely some of the major elements that contribute to baldness.
However, there are few natural therapies and treatments to challenge
all sorts of hair problems that would help to regrow hair on a bald head or on
a bald spot naturally.
One of them is the procedure illustrated in the video. It is
very cheap and simple to know. No artificial ingredient is included which might
later have negative setback.
This method is a form of deep conditioning of your air.
Ingredient needed includes:
  • Honey
  • Shea butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Egg yolk

Video: Proven method on how to naturally regrow Hair on Bald Head within a week

  1. Honey is an emollient which implies it seals dampness in
    your hair, keeping it adapted. This decreases breakage, which is regularly a
    reason for slower hair development.
  2. It has rich cell reinforcement properties which anticipate
    harm, keeping your scalp and hair sound.
  3. Honey fortifies the hair follicles, controlling hair fall.
  4. It additionally includes antibacterial and germicide
    qualities. This averts scalp contaminations and alleviates issues like
    dandruff, dermatitis, and psoriasis, taking into account unhindered hair
  5. Honey cleans the hair follicles by disposing of polluting
    influences. This limited obstructing is regularly an explanation behind male
    pattern baldness.
  6. Utilizing Honey as a hair mind fixing helps hair development
    as well as invigorates hair re-development from lethargic follicles.

In summary, whether you can eat it or you can apply it on
your body, it is very good for human consumption. Honey contains vitamins and minerals,
it is antibacterial, works as a humectant (pulls in dampness i.e. attracts moisture).
It also possesses an amazing recuperating power. Numerous
civic establishments in the past and today utilize honey for so many uses, and honey
for hair is one of those employments.
Shea butter:

Video: Proven method on how to naturally regrow Hair on Bald Head within a week

  • Shea butter enhances
    hair development:
    A noteworthy advantage of shea spread is that it might
    advance hair development. At the point when connected frequently shea spread is
    said to reestablish hair follicles and the scalp, bringing forth sound and
    quickly developing hair.
  • Shea butter to
    reinforce your hair:
    Some individuals complains of hairlessness and
    ultra-diminishing of hair. Such sort of individuals ought to apply shea butter
    consistently on their hair. There are particular fixings display in shea butter
    which prompt the change of scalp structure. Shea butter enhances existing hair
    and brings forth new hair.
  • While applying shea butter
    for about seven days you may encounter a critical distinction
    in your hair quality (your hair may end up plainly thicker and less harmed –
    e.g. no split closures).
  • Shea butter for a
    characteristic look of your hair
    : Shea spread can be connected on the hair
    to give it a characteristic look. It contains lipid complex, which has
    saturating properties.

Coconut Oil:

Video: Proven method on how to naturally regrow Hair on Bald Head within a week

Utilize coconut oil as a characteristic approach to help
your hair develop longer, thicker, and speedier. The vitamins and fundamental
unsaturated fats actually found in coconut oil sustain the scalp and help to
expel sebum develop from hair follicles.

Egg Yolk:

Video: Proven method on how to naturally regrow Hair on Bald Head within a week

Eggs contain protein and unsaturated fats and also vitamins
A, D and E. They can add dampness and sparkle to harmed hair. The unsaturated
fats and sulfur in eggs can resuscitate dull hair and give normal gloss. The
egg yolk’s rich protein substance can build hair’s volume and make it thicker.

The mixture of the above will give you a speedy recovery of
your hair. It is a proven method as seen in the video. 
  • Mix the pour two full spoon of  honey into a reasonable amount coconut oil (like 5 full spoons)
  • Add a full spoon of shea butter into the mixture and mix it.
  • Then drop the two yolk of eggs into the mixture
  • Mix it thoroughly.
  • Then start application on the scalp.
  • Cover it with shower cap (make sure it’s air tight).Do not use microwave.
  • Leave it for 12hours.

Note: The above measurement is just an illustration of the ratio of ingredients to be mixed.
Watch the video below:


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