The users’ goal of adopting social media is to be visible but in many cases, many of them struggle with their profiles. Even if you create the best content, it will be useless if no one views it. With the recent addition of public accounts, Snapchat says that users will see them more often.


It can be activated in under a minute, and who doesn’t like their effort to be seen more often? Here’s how to create a Snapchat public page.

How To Create A Public Snapchat Page

The Snapchat program, not the website, is the only place where you can create a public presence. Start by visiting your profile page and move down to the Public biography (or Profile) area.

How To Create A Public Snapchat Page

Be informed that this might not yet be available to you because Snapchat appears to be introducing this new function in phases. Therefore, come back in a few days or a week if you haven’t seen it yet.

Tap Create Public Profile if it’s there. This is activated by tapping it.

How To Update and Post Your Public Snapchat Profile

You can select Edit Profile to begin entering your info after the public profile appears. (if you want to share it.) But ultimately, that is the feature’s main purpose.

You can put things like:

  • Full name
  • A personal picture—which, oddly enough, is not your Snapchat avatar
  • A banner photo.
  • Your address or location
  • Your number of subscribers
  • Snapchat stories that have already been published that you want to share.

You can always select Preview Profile to see what it appears to be from the outside.


Tap the three dots in the upper right area to share the profile. Select Share Profile > Share Profile URL after that. This will bring up the sharing option on your phone, from which you can share the public profile link to any app that is already downloaded.



  1. Public pages have been useful on snapchat as they can be more interacting. Some may require approval or an invitation to access their content. Additionally, Snapchat has guidelines and rules for what can be posted on public pages, so it’s better to review their terms of service before engaging with any public pages on the app.


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