Google has released the first developer preview of its new Android 14 operating system for smartphones, which comes with several changes for improving device system health and offering more customization offers.

Android 14 Developer Preview

As it’s a Developer Preview, the newly released operating system build isn’t intended for regular usage, and as the title indicates, it is aimed at developers to test out new features and ensure that their apps will work on the updated devices.

The company has made some changes to the API behaviors to offer users a more consistent app experience across devices while reducing system resource usage. There’s also updated guidance to help developers take advantage of multitasking and features unique to large-screen devices.

It also comes with improvements to the internal broadcast system to help make the device’s battery life and battery consumption efficient. There are also tons of customization options, such as enhanced accessibility and language features.

Google has already revealed platform stability milestones, indicating when Google intends to deliver the final SDK/NDK APIs along with internal APIs and app-facing system behavior.

Android 14 Release Date

Android 14 Developer preview 2 is scheduled to drop in March and Google will continue to drop new developer releases each month until July when we can expect the second Android 14 stable release followed by the consumer-ready version around August/September.

Android 14 releasee schedule

Android 14 DP 1 is compatible with the Pixel 7 ProPixel 7Pixel 6aPixel 6 ProPixel 6Pixel 5a 5GPixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. You can head over to the official Android developer portal to download the system image for your specific device.



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