WhatsApp has recently been taking the matter of user privacy to the topmost level and the company is not relenting. However, we will be taking about how you can make use an existing feature this time around. In this article, you will learn what flash calls means and how to use them on WhatsApp beta for Android.


The use of flash calls is an alternative method to log into WhatsApp without manually entering a 6-digit code because the process is almost automatic.

How Does Flash Calls Work?

WhatsApp will request for a new permission to access your phone’s call log. If you give permission to WhatsApp to see your call logs, WhatsApp will automatically verify if you have received the call that would give you access to your WhatsApp account.

Why Are They Called Flash Calls?

WhatsApp will call your phone number and then automatically end the call, verifying if it’s present in the call log, so it’s really a fast call:

Flash Calls On WhatsApp

The use of flash calls on WhatsApp is an automatic verification method over call to log into WhatsApp without using the 6-digit verification code.

Thanks to flash calls, WhatsApp will call your phone number and then immediately end the call: if the last phone number in your call history is the same phone number that should call you to give a 6-digit code, WhatsApp will automatically log into your account.

As seen in the screenshot above, when you try to log into WhatsApp and you do not receive a 6-digit code via SMS for some reason, you can choose to receive a call. In this case, you can also choose to enable flash calls to make the process automatic, but it is needed to allow WhatsApp to read your call history in order to enable the feature.

How To Use flash Calls As Automatic Verification On WhatsApp
Image Credit: wabetainfo

This process is very safe since the phone number that should call you is always different, so it is not possible to trick this feature to log into different WhatsApp accounts.

Furthermore, WhatsApp won’t use your call history data for other purposes and this feature won’t be used in other situations.

Unfortunately, only Android users can enjoy this alternative method. The reason for this is because iOS does not provide a public API to let app read the call history.



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