The abbove headline sound familiar to you right? Yes, of course it does. Back in mid-January, the CEO of Xiaomi India, Manu Kumar Jain, revealed in a tweet that POCO will now be an Independent brand. Today, POCO released an official statement saying it is “going independent”.

Poco By Xiaomi

The press release was shared on Twitter via the official POCO Global account and it mentions some of its accomplishments as well as its popular models and “brand promises”.

According to POCO, it has made its entry into more than 35 global markets in the span of three years. Some of these markets include India, the UK, Spain, and Italy. POCO also mentions its very first phone, the POCO F1, which reached over 2.2 million shipments according to data from its internal sales team and Canalys.

POCO has revealed it has sold over 6 million POCO phones globally. This figure represents the total number of POCO-branded phones sold since 2018. While POCO didn’t launch its second smartphone until early this year following the release of the POCO F1 in 2018, 6 million does sound small. It is a really competitive market.

The Chinese manufacturer says it will be staying firm with the three brand promises below:

  • Technology that matters
  • Feedback-based product design
  • Ever evolving

Now that POCO has revealed that it is going to become an independent brand, we expect that future phones will not be rebadged Redmi phones but originally designed products. We also expect POCO to branch out into other products such as portable battery packs and wearables. Maybe the POCO Pop Buds can finally launch and come along with other audio products.


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